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Audi has officially confirmed the serial production of the new model Q1
We have previously reported that the company intends to release Audi`s smallest crossover in its lineup Q1. We now know that the company has officially stated that the decision to launch the production of this model.

Chevrolet is preparing a series of intelligent updates for Malibu
, Chevrolet decided to make some interesting changes to its Malibu sedan in 2014. For example, now a multimedia system of this model can read aloud incoming text messages to you, and even respond to them, but only if you pre-prepared answer.

New hatchback from Suzuki
At the motor show in Thailand, the launch of which is scheduled for November 30, the company will officially unveil the automaker Suzuki concept version of the new car in the back of a hatchback.

Now Honda can manage using your voice
Honda has developed a new Display Audio interface for their cars, which will have voice control of Apple. Name a new feature has received Apple Siri Eyes Free.

Portugal have developed a system which allows to look through the car
Anyone familiar such a situation on the road, when the vehicle in front of you closes the review. Engineers University of Porto in Portugal found a solution to this problem. The decision is based on the principles of technology more reality with which engineers have developed a system which allows to see the road through the car in front.

Lotec Mercedes-Benz C1000 be auctioned
Car Lotec Mercedes-Benz C1000 is the fastest supekarom on public danes will be sold at auction in America. `s history begins in 1995, when a businessman from the UAE currently wanted the fastest car.

Lamborghini will present a new tractor in India
Twelfth December in India, which will host the Agricultural Exhibition, the company will present the development of a new Lamborghini model tractor. intended for plowing new land, and is designed for rich farmers.


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