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Maintenance of the motor supply air
main power system to maintain the engine air filter is timely cleaning air and checking the seals on the air ducts. On engines with the oil bath filter element cleaning it is carried out simultaneously with the replacement of the engine oil.

Cooling System Service
With daily service You should check the level of coolant in the cooling system. The cooling water should be poured into the expansion tank up to the level indicated by special marks on the expansion Backa.

Devices facilitate engine starting at low temperatures
electric-device. To facilitate the starting of diesel at low ambient temperatures designed electric torch. On-line engine installed one candle, and V-engines, usually two.

Carburetor repair
Dismantling the carburettor. Before disassembling the carburetor must be washed with kerosene and Blasting compressed air. To disassemble the carburetor, do the following.

Repair fuel pump
Dismantling the pump. Before disassembling the fuel pump, fuel pump and wash Blasting it with compressed air. Then unscrew the bolt cover of the fuel pump, remove the filter and unscrew the screws that secure the housing to the lower housing of the pump.

Build engine block
engine block assembly comes complete with covers of radical bearings, camshaft bushings, tap the cooling system, oil system plugs, complete with clutch.

Defectation crankshaft
Crankshafts. Incoming repair crankshafts should be cleaned of accumulated sediment gryazesbornikah and coking products from oil channels. To clean gryazesborni-ing need to unscrew the plug. Cleaning of the canals carried metal ruff.


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