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Now, let`s talk a little bit about the most unpleasant-of the moment, or rather, those seconds or fractions of a second, in which the driver realizes that to happen something bad. That is, we`ll discuss the critical situation in which it is likely to make the clash, and emergency situations, when an accident occurs it is important to accurately and reduce the severity of its effects.

What to do if an accident?
How to act when an emergency situation could not be avoided? What are the emergency rule? What should I do first after the accident? How to provide first aid? Where to call?

Poor he alth of the driver, a painful condition leads to reduced efficiency and severity of the reaction, so-to increase the likelihood of accidents. In addition, colds are dangerous by the fact that degrade sharpness of vision because of eye irritation. Next, a cold during the trip the driver has to sneeze every time distracts him from the road for 1-2 seconds, and that is enough to carry an accident.

Analysis of critical situations and a description kontravariynoy techniques I gave in Chapter 3, describe what needs to be done to stabilize the car in the event of a skid, and other troubles. And what if the driver has completely lost control of the car? For example, she began to rotate on the road, or entered into a rhythmic skid. Certainly in this case, any driver would have continued to struggle with the car and tried to be any way to stabilize it. Management techniques may be skillful or not, but in these situations it is imperative the following: See there, and only there, where you want to bring the car.

The movement in the dark
Facing the malfunctioning machine, is not facing the middle of the road with no markings. Situation Fig. 76. The vehicle 1 moving in the dark on an unlit country road at a speed of 90 km/h. Because he constantly moved toward the other cars, he used only the low beam headlights fig. 1. At some point, the driver noticed on their way the faulty car 2, standing in the middle of the road with no markings Fig.

Other design elements
There are no prescribed structure of the vehicle mirrors, glass n. Annex 7.1. Driving without rear-view mirrors may be, but uncomfortable. On this riding safety impact it is very bad. When seen from the front, but can not see anything behind, it can be called "half safe." But you can not go halfway safe, just as you can not be half-alive replacing worn word.

leakproof power system n. Annex 6.2. Under this failure must be understood flow of gasoline. Obviously, the problem is very dangerous, because gasoline vapors can ignite at any moment. It would seem that it does not make sense to say, because everything is clear. However, I want to give you a couple of cases in my life. Some time ago, when I started to drive a car, my first car was a "Zhiguli VAZ 2106". The car was old, and for anybody it was no surprise that the cabin always smelled fresh gasoline.


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