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Replacing the engine air filter
For proper operation of the engine air filter is no less important than oil or fuel filter. Passing through the air with the necessary engine, it filters large and small dust particles that got into the engine at times would reduce its life.

Decarbonizer engine
When behind cars remained decent mileage and engine seen a lot on the way, will not be superfluous to spend Decarbonizer engine . Especially if the transport operation takes place in the urban cycle, in terms of endless traffic jams, if the engine overheats and the use of low-quality gasoline.

Cooling liquid coolant in the cooling system performs quite an important role, it removes excess heat from the engine. Like all liquid filled in the engine, it has an expiry date, after which the liquid loses its original properties.

Checking the oil level in the engine
If you have recently purchased a car and do not know how much oil it consumes 1,000 km, then check the oil level should be done as often as possible, at least once for refilling the fuel tank.

Oil change
Figure 1 -The oil filter funnel. Order independent oil change : advance prepare everything we need for Oil Change . Depending on the size of your engine buy the right amount of fresh oil.

Like most units in the car, power steering also needs maintenance. While some car manufacturers did not regulate the life of the fluid in the hydraulic booster, considering that it flooded the entire life of the car and needs only gravy, yet sometimes necessary to change the fluid.



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