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Fuel engine
How to reduce vehicle fuel consumption ? This question bothers any motorist. If you are also interested in this issue, this article will be of interest to you. Fuel engine is calculated in liters per 100 km. Fuel divided into 3 cycles: Urban cycle.

Classification of internal combustion engines
Engines can be classified by the following signs : on carburetion and fuel type: with internal mixture formation diesel mixture formation occurs directly in the cylinder already. Fuel ignition occurs from contact with the heated air to a high temperature, due to its compression piston.

Oil filter device
Oil Filter is a very important link in the lubrication system. During operation of the engine oil washes deposits, wear products.

Systems fuel injection engines
In the last article "fuel supply" we learned how to fuel supplied to the injectors, now consider fuel injection system with the intake manifold . fuel supply can be divided into three types: recirculating fuel system.

Principle of the fuel pressure regulator
quantity of fuel injected depends on the time of the injector, fuel pressure within the fuel rail and the pressure inside the intake manifold vacuum. order to account for three of these factors and more accurately calculate the amount of fuel injection systems with recirculation of fuel pressure regulator set . The fuel pressure regulator is arranged so that it maintains a pressure difference, the pressure on the fuel nozzle and the air pressure in the intake manifold, the surplus oil is returned back to the tank by the return line.

Supply fuel injection engines
Everyone knows that during the operation of the internal combustion gasoline engine consumes a certain amount of fuel as fuel is supplied and where we now find out.

Air Filter
In an internal combustion engine is not the last role played by the air filter. It blocks the path of the dust particles, which are present in the air.


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