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Category VAZ 2112  

Disassembly and assembly of the top support strut 2110
When you wear, damage, corrosion on the bearing of the top support strut must be replaced. For this special mandrel press out three bolts of fastening of the top support under pressure. Remove the outer housing and remove the bearing and the inner bearing housing, then remove the gasket. Installation is the reverse sequence of disassembly before installing moisten support in omylovochnoy liquid. After pressing force of pulling out the bolts should be at least 2040 N 208.2 kg. Pulling out of worn, damaged or destroyed rubber joints resistant stabilizer spend on media a special holder, as indicated in the chapter "Disassembly and assembly of the lower arm and extensions". When assembling the stabilizer bar cushion set the bar at a distance of 350 mm from the center line of the bar.

Brakes drive 2110
Fig. 6 -11. Brakes drive: 1-the main cylinder; 2 tank; 3 liquid level sensor alarm; 4 vacuum booster; 5-pusher; 6-brake pedal; 7-buffer brake light switch; 8, 9 nuts stoplight; 10 stoplight switch; ! 1-pedal return spring

Lubrication System 2110
Fig. 2-69. Lubrication system: 1 tube drainage of crankcase gases in the air filter housing; 2 oil filler cap; 3 exhaust pipe crankcase gases zadrosselnoe carburettor space; 4-pipe exhaust hose; 5-channel oil supply to the bearings of wool; 6 oil gallery in the cylinder head; 7-camshaft; 8 gauge of a control

The design of the brake obespechivaeteffektivnoe braking. However, try to slow down gradually and moderately in all cases, avoid sharp braking. Do not switch off the ignition and remove the key from the ignition switch while driving automo-| A. With the engine stop a vacuum ,! required to operate the vacuum amplifier, and? thereby increasing the force to be applied to the brake pedal to slow the vehicle.

The oil pump 2110
Disassembly and assembly. Carefully tighten the oil pump in a vise to prevent damage to the cover 9 cm. Fig. 2-70. Remove the screws securing the pump housing 1 and the cover 9, remove the body, driven 2 and 3 leading gear. Unscrew the 6 pressure reducing valve 4 and remove the valve spring 5. Extract the cover from the pump 9 samopodzhimnoy 8 crankshaft oil seal.

Washing parts crankcase ventilation 2110
To remove the flushing hose 6 Fig. 2-78 8 and 10, unscrew the nuts and remove the cylinder head cover. Remove the two screws on the oil separator housing, remove the housing and the grid 9. Rinse the removed parts with gasoline and set them in place in the reverse order. In the carburetor, clean and flush the gasoline hose connection 8 removal of crankcase gases. Fig. 2-76. Basic data to check the spring pressure relief valve Oil pump Fig.

Build carb 2110
Carburetor assemble in the reverse order to dismantling. At the same time, pay attention to the following points. The float must be free to rotate on its axis without touching the chamber walls. The needle valve should slide freely in its nest, without distortions and jamming, the torque of the needle valve seat should be 14.7 Nm 1.5 kgem.


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