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Category Audi S4  

Replacement lamps audi c4
most predictable elements not in the car are elements of electrical circuits. Can never be sure when it will fail tomorrow or next year.

Drains hatch audi c4
In cars audi c4, equipped with the hatch , in rainy weather can happen such confusion, the wrong is not this from the roof can drip water. It is this one happened to me. On the street it was pouring rain, and even hatch was closed, I can assume that he was still not fully closed, as in the hatch has accumulated a decent amount of water is sufficient.

Battery under the rear seat audi c4
On vehicles audi c4 , which are equipped with air conditioning, battery is located under the rear seat on the right side facing. So, of course, if you buy the battery the correct height, I do not remember exactly how much, then everything will be okay.

Oil change audi c4 2.6
Before making oil change on the car audi c4 2.6 , it is desirable to warm the engine up to operating temperature. You can even ride before replacing specifically.

Replacement bulbs dashboard audi c4
Replacing a light bulb in the dashboard in audi c4 like it is not a difficult task, but still much faster and easier to repair when he looked visually, where what unscrew bolts.

Replacement pump water pump audi c4 2.6
engine coolant audi c4 V6 is circulated through the cooling system, removing excess heat. Circulation is created by means pump water pump.

Replacement strut audi c4
If when driving over bumps, especially on the road, which is also called "washboard" in front of the car you had a characteristic knock, it is possible that the reason for this lies knocking in dilapidated support strut . metal sleeve is almost completely sick.


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