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Battery under the rear seat audi c4

2015-12-13 00:00:00

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audi c4 , which are equipped with air conditioning, battery is located under the rear seat on the right side facing. So, of course, if you buy the battery the correct height, I do not remember exactly how much, then everything will be okay. If you can not find the desired height battery, avoid fire advise to take the following precautions. Since none of the burned car is already such a gaffe. Like many, I`ve heard about this problem, so the battery was laying rubber from old rugs. Rubber was not strong enough and eventually selling. I found it too late, when it is under the rear seat of the car was thick acrid smoke. Lifting the seat, I saw that I had lit the battery and the seat itself. Good fire extinguisher handy helpful.

Then I took the following steps. Since the old battery I have suffered a lot in the beginning, I still tried to find the desired height battery without finding had to buy height 195, it turned out that he had bought even higher than I had.

Safety I started from the seat previously restoring faded part. New seat decided not to buy, as under cover still nothing vidno.Prutok which I locked, I cut grinder because of it still remained not only a great piece.

The reverse side of the rear seat

Figure 1 -The reverse side of the rear seat.


started very positive terminal.

the positive terminal

Figure 2 -the positive terminal.

Insulate all exposed parts. Found a piece of hose with a suitable thickness and the desired diameter. Made it a cutout and put on top of the terminal.

The Case for the positive terminal

Figure 3 -Case for the positive terminal.

The Case for the positive terminal

Figure 4 -Case for the positive terminal.

We put a cover on the positive terminal

Figure 5 -We put a cover on the positive terminal.

The result was the following.

Cover the positive terminal on the

Figure 6 -Cover on the positive terminal.

Everything seems easy, but until this unpleasant incident occurred, it was not time. Now I go with peace of mind, without fear of fire under the rear seat.

If you have any questions or have suggestions for this article. Welcome to the forum.

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