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Replacement lamps audi c4

2015-12-28 00:00:00

most predictable elements not in the car are elements of electrical circuits. Can never be sure when it will fail tomorrow or next year. To one of these elements may include a vehicle lamp. Therefore, no matter what the road to get into a bad situation better carry in stock a set of different lamps, at least one light bulb for every consumer. Now I am talking only about the lamps and dipped beam, filament size, turns and illuminator rooms.

Now we analyze where what lamps are installed, and what they should be nominal.


headlamp double-stranded bulb H4 60/55 W.

double-stranded light and dipped beam

Figure 1 -double-stranded light beam and high beam.


fog lamps , single-stranded lamp H3 55W.

fog lamp

Figure 2 -fog lamp.


front and rear indicators, reversing lights and rear fog lights 21 W.

The lamp turns

Figure 3 -lamp turns.

double stranded rear lamp and stop lamp size 21/5 W.

Rear Lamp dimensions and stop signals

Figure 4 -Rear Lamp dimensions and stop signals.


front dimensions and light plate 4 watts.

The lamp of the front size

Figure 5 -Front Lamp dimensions.

Now we discuss technology replacement lamps themselves.

Replacement lamps and dipped beam.

Cover Front headlights

Figure 6 -Front Cover lights.

Turning back

headlight cover, remove it.

Removing the cover headlamp

Figure 7 -Removing the cover headlamp.

Headlight without back cover

Figure 8 -Headlight without the rear cover.

snaps 2 clips holding the bulb itself.

latch snaps lamps and dipped beam

Figure 9 -latch snaps headlight low and high beam.

Latches headlight low and beam

Figure 10 -Latches headlight low and high beam.

Otschelknuv latch allot them aside and extract the bulb for replacement.

We take out the bulb and dipped beam

Figure 11 -Take out the lamp and dipped beam.

Replacement lamps front dimensions.

Bulb size is directly under the lamp and dipped beam. Remove the connector from the bulb size and by squeezing the thumb latch, remove it from the lights.

latch snaps front lamp envelope

Figure 12 -latch snaps front lamp envelope.

chuck and front lamp envelope

Figure 13 -Chuck and the front lamp envelope.

Push the bulb, turn it counter-clockwise and pull out of the cartridge.

Replacing the front corners.

To change the bulbs turns, looking under the hood and find the latch indicator.

latch indicator

Figure 14 -Latch indicator.

snaps latch arm and move it forward in the direction of movement of the car.

latch snaps

Figure 15 -latch snaps.


blinker in our hands and we can not prepetstvenno replace the lamp in it.

Filmed blinker

Figure 16 -Removing the turn signal.

Replacing front fog light bulb.

To replace bulbs in the fog lamp will need to remove it first.

Fog Light

Figure 17 -Fog Light.

When light is already in our hands we turn on her back 2 bolts and remove the rear cover.

Bolts rear fog lamp cover

Figure 18 -Bolts rear fog lamp cover.

Fog lights, with the back cover removed

Figure 19 -Fog lights with the back cover removed.

Otschelknuv latch, pull out the bulb.

pulled out the bulb from the fog

Figure 20 -Remove the bulb from the fog.

Replacement lamps rear dimensions and stop lights, tail turns.

Cover taillight

Figure 21 -Cover taillight.

turning counterclockwise and vertically placing the latch, remove the cover of the rear lights.

pivoted latch taillight

Figure 22 -pivoted latch taillight.

It contains

rear lamp dimensions and turns.

cover rear lights with lamps and turn signal stop

Figure 23 -cover rear lights with lamps and turn signals stop.

To replace one of the lamps and press on it and turning counterclockwise, remove it.

Removed lamp turning

Figure 24 -Removed the lamp turn.

Replacement lamps reversing lights and rear fog lights.

To get to the rear fog light and reversing lights, you will need to remove the tailgate trim by removing 6 screws and pull forward to releasing latches.

Bolts trim tailgate

Figure 25 -Bolts trim tailgate.

White Insert -fog lamp, black -reversing lamp.

Remove the cartridge rear fog light

Figure 26 -Remove the cartridge rear fog light.

Slightly turning the sleeve counterclockwise, pull out his.

remove the chuck rear fog light

Figure 27 -Removing the cartridge rear fog light.


removed cartridge back lamp.

Remove the bulb holder reverse

Figure 28 -Remove the bulb holder reverse.

Filmed reversing lamp holder

Figure 29 -Removing the bulb holder reverse.

Replacement backlight rooms.

turn away the 2 bolts and remove the glass bulb light plate. I they do not immediately unscrew had initially put on him a screwdriver and hit her several times on the hammer.

turn away a bolt of fastening of glass light plate

Figure 30 -turn away a bolt of fastening of glass light plate.

Illuminated license plate with light bulb

Figure 31 -Highlighting the license plate with a light bulb.

license plate without backlight bulbs

Figure 32 -Highlighting without license plate light bulb.

If you have any questions or have suggestions for this article. Welcome to the forum.

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