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Drains hatch audi c4

2015-12-15 00:00:00


cars audi c4, equipped with the hatch , in rainy weather can happen such confusion, the wrong is not this from the roof can drip water. It is this one happened to me. On the street it was pouring rain, and even hatch was closed, I can assume that he was still not fully closed, as in the hatch has accumulated a decent amount of water is sufficient. When driving at the time of sudden braking all accumulated moisture rushed through the cover inside the cabin.

sized gum around the perimeter of the hatch, although intended to contain moisture, but because of their age no longer cope with it, and maybe it should not stop at 100 percent moisture. In case of ingress of moisture into the hatch, it provided drains , which leaked all the rainwater must go.


hatch car audi c4 there are 4 drain

tubes front gutters

Figure 1 -Tubes front gutters.

which act as a 4 1 pic1 tube connected at the edges of the hatch trough. At the ends of drainage tubes dressed lugs 2.


drain tubes following:

Tubes hatch gutters

Figure 2 -Tubes hatch gutters.

front tubes pass through the front uprights and end in the middle of the front door hinges. End drain, you can find if you open the front door.

Tie front sunroof drain

Figure 3 -Tie the front gutter hatch.

Drain Drain front hatch

Figure 4 -Drain Drain front hatch.

rear drains terminate under the bumper. If you look under the rear bumper, you can see the tip of the drain.

Tip rear hatch drain under the bumper

Figure 5 -Tie rear hatch drain under the bumper.

front gutters I were clean, they can become clogged with leaves only at the top or anything, but back on the bottom turnover as unlike the front they are in place more susceptible to contamination. They had to be cleaned.

Open the trunk and shifts the side trim, gain access to the drain tube. Right I was green, and blue on the left.

Rear right drain tube hatch

Figure 6 -Rear right drain tube hatch.

Pulls drain tube from the tip. As you can see, it is clogged.

Clogged drain tube

Figure 7 -Clogged drain tube.

otkovyryali spokes basic dirt, then pumped into the tube with a syringe and water, otmachivaya dirt slowly cleared tube.

Push the tip inside the trunk squeezing it out and washed. I`ve got it completely clogged with dirt.

Laundered rear drain tip

Figure 8 -Laundered rear tip drain.

similar procedure is applied, and on the other hand.

Left rear hatch gutter

Figure 9 -Left Rear hatch gutter.

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