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Removing the power unit from a truck
For better access to vehicle components at the bottom when removing the power unit is recommended to be installed on the vehicle inspection pit over which there is a lifting device.

Car drowned
Nowadays car is not a luxury but a means of transportation. And less and less possible to meet a man with no car. When it comes to buying a car, not everyone can afford to buy a car in the cabin.

Defectation camshaft
Typical faults camshaft appearing in the process, are beating shaft bearing journals wear bearing journals, cams and keyway. Not allowed chipped and breakup on jaws, chipping or wear of cams and cam.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado: new design
few days ago, the network has information about the release of an updated version of the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser Prado , which should go on sale in Europe this fall.

Audi is preparing to release its smallest crossover
In 2016, Audi plans to release the smallest of their crossovers. It will be cost 20 thousand dollars. car will be designed based on the Volkswagen Polo, and will be called Q1. The length of such a model is 585 mm shorter than the length of Q3 and will be 3.8 meters.

RPM Sensor V6 engine audi c4
6 cylinder engines in addition to the Hall sensor installed sensor, crankshaft sensor and ignition timing engine speed sensor . These two sensors are inductive and work on the same principle.

Diagnosing cooling system
Leak check the engine cooling system and radiator cap valve condition. This check is carried out using the tool modes. SWD-2 Figure 7.4. In the case when- Fig.

Oil pump lubrication system
Oil pump lubrication system must be repaired at a pressure of oil in the system below the values specified in the manual. Initially, it is necessary to check the condition of the relief valve of the pump.

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