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Maintenance of the motor supply air

2015-12-13 00:00:00

main power system to maintain the engine air filter is timely cleaning air and checking the seals on the air ducts. On engines with the oil bath filter element cleaning it is carried out simultaneously with the replacement of the engine oil. Wherein the filter element is washed off and the dirt is poured into paraffin oil is fresh.

On engines with a paper filter element with EO must ensure that the operation of the paper filter element is not broken pollution. Verification carried-

Stvlyaetsya on Clogging on the dashboard or on the indicator located on the intake manifold engine KAMAZ-740.10.

To ensure normal operation of the engine air supply system must also monitor the density of the compounds from the air filter to the turbocharger, avoiding crude suction air into the engine. As the filter clogging growing vacuum in the intake manifold, and when the magnitude 4.5 kPa triggered alarm.

For the filter, loosen the clamp connecting pipe; loosen clamp bolts securing the filter to the bracket, move them to the side and remove the filter from the vehicle; unscrew the nut cover, remove the cover and then unscrew the nuts and remove the filter element from the filter housing them. In the presence of cardboard dust filter elements without soot or carbon black gray element should blow them dry with compressed air to completely remove dust. To avoid breaking the filter board air pressure should be less than 0.2 ... 0.3 MPa. It should direct the air at an angle to the surface and adjust the force of the jet by changing the distance between the tip and the hose element.

If there

cardboard dust, smoke, oil, fuel, which are not removed by blowing, the element can be rinsed in a solution of detergent or 7-ETA ETA 10 in warm water 40 ... 50 ° C. Composition of the solution: 20 ... 25 g of substance in 1 liter of water. Instead solution OP-7 or OP-10 can use a solution of the same concentration of detergents "News", "Lotus" and other elements should be cleaned by immersing it for 30 minutes in this solution and vigorously rotating.

After washing in a solution of element must be rinsed in clean water and dry thoroughly before installing new or cleaned filter elements must visually check their status, illuminating lamp inside. In the presence of mechanical damage cardboard, peel caps and hoods and other defects of the elements should be replaced. Prolonged use of a vehicle in dusty conditions and sudden changes in environmental terms it is recommended to determine, based on experience in these conditions.

When assembling the air filter need to pay attention to the condition of the seals. Gaskets having tears, must be replaced. Seal quality control by the presence of a solid imprint on the gasket. If during the duration of the operation required between the element twice in a row is less than 2 kilometers LLC, the outer member to be replaced. Approximate service life of the paper structure 40 000 kms.

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