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2015-12-21 21:18:21

Slack towing tros.Opisanie situation Fig. 29. Car 2 followed in tow behind the vehicle 1 fig. 1. When the driver brakes 1, the distance between the cars was reduced, tow rope slack and sometimes even touching the road Fig. 2. At one point, the braking rope slack so that the front wheel was hit by a car and 2 wrapped around him ill. 3. As a result, the distance between the cars was quickly reduced and there was a collision Fig. 4. Comments. A bug that allowed the driver 2, unfortunately, many drivers make when towing. The accident occurred because the driver 2 may slack rope. As you can imagine, if the rope is always taut, the reasons for this incident would not have arisen. In addition, after each braking leader is usually accelerated, and slack rope with the tear could have towed the car the place for which it is attached. Recommendation. How to ensure that the cable has been permanently stretched? It`s very simple-constant braking of the towed vehicle. This can be done in two ways-by pressing the brake pedal and the inclusion of top gear manual transmission with the engine off. The second is especially true if the towing vehicle "village" battery. After the brake pedal is pressed easily and familiar to you only when running the brake booster. A amplifier operates only when the ignition is switched on, which needs the battery. Therefore, braking with the ignition off may seem like enough uncomfortable, and the brake pedal can be easily replaced engine braking-the inclusion of a higher transmission. However, tight pedal-the only question habits, and a few minutes of the brake, you will be good enough to cope with it. Remember, too, that the prolonged inhibition can overheat the brake pads, and then the machine will be unable to brake at all. So if you need to drive a lot of kilometers in tow, you can once again help out manual transmission. And if you have a "machine", the long ride in tow still does not work-"not like" this " machines. " Then can help out with the towing partial loading if the towed vehicle front-wheel or full loading, if the rear wheel drive.

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