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Wheels and tires

2015-12-08 10:48:34

car tires have a tread depth of less than 1.6 mm, the trucks-1 mm, buses-2 mm, motorcycles and mopeds-0.8 mm n. 5.1 Applications . The importance of high-quality tires we have already reviewed at the beginning of the book. Remember that, no matter how modern supercar you may be, no matter how well he may braked and managed, it all becomes meaningless if you have poor quality or worn tires. Tires "responsible" for traction with the road, they are directly dependent on your safety.

Therefore, keep the tires in good condition. Every week, along with checking the oil level and other liquids, check the tire pressure with a pressure gauge Fig. 11. Put new tires as soon as the old worn out. And even better not to wait for their complete deterioration and replace them in advance, proactively.

In no case do not skimp on tires. Save on the tires, but then you can lose out on repairing his and others` cars.

Figure. 11. Check the tire pressure gauge .Shiny have local damage breakdowns, cuts, tears, baring the cord and bundle carcass Tread and sidewall para. 5.2 of the Annex. No attachment bolt nut, or the disc is cracked and Rim Sec. 5.3 Applications. I think it is obvious that such irregularities, even scary to think about the trip.

Here I can only give a recommendation. If you have a car kept on the street, then, when you come to it, for example, in the morning before going to work, inspect the wheel for their integrity, as well as for the possible lack of bolts. For night people can walk on the street with different goals.

If the wheels on the ground in the morning, then screw the tire size or the maximum load does not fit the description of the vehicle n. Annex 5.4. This point, I think, the most important for fans tuning. I think the only thing that you can not afford to do with the tires, is to install a low-profile tires on the wheels of the people is called "wheels" of larger diameter, no more than one inch greater than the factory figures.

For example, if you have a "ten" with "fourteenth drives", then you can put 15dyuymovye wheel "discs" and a low-profile tires while preserving their outer diameter. All other parameters are the wheel-rim width profile offset, the diameter of the hole, and Bore-should remain unchanged and the relevant requirements of the manufacturer. By changing the parameters of the tire also do not get involved in. The width of the profile is better to leave the same as it was, or you can increase or decrease in the summer of winter within 10 millimeters.

If you want to radically change the tires and wheels, it requires a more in-depth car tuning. Most likely need to increase the diameter of the wheel arches, to finalize the details of the suspension. In this case, I strongly suggest that you do not allow the initiative and turn to the professionals who prepare for racing cars.

On the one axle bus, car or trailer to it established in conjunction with bias tires or radial tires with different tread pattern type n. Annex 5.5. As for bias and radial tires will not speak, because for cars currently produce only radial tires.

And here to talk about the different types of tires with a tread pattern makes sense. Itself tread plays mainly aesthetic role. The main bus parameter responsible for its grip-rubber compound from which the tire is prepared.

However, the type of tread plays a big role. For example, as the chopped and air in the tire. immediately possible to distinguish the old bus Fig. 12-smooth, with a rounding of the edges of the winter tire Fig. 13-"toothy", with sharp edges, with a large number of slits in the tread sipes, and often with spines.

Figure. 12. A tire with summer tread type Fig. 13. A tire with winter tread type .These differences are due to different purpose tires. Compared with winter summer tire it looks almost "bald." Because when driving on asph alt tire for engagement do not need anything, it is enough availability of the tire itself. And it is made of a rubber composition, which can withstand high temperatures and provides good adhesion to asph alt at temperatures . Winter tires harder "to live" because they are designed to operate with a loose surface-with the snow.

To do this, they have "teeth" and slats to "bite" into the snow. Furthermore, there may be spikes-for good adhesion with rolled snow and ice. But this is not the most important thing.

After a winter tire is made of rubber, which does not harden in the cold, it retains flexibility and provides good traction on snow cover. As you know, set on the same axle tires with different tread type with one hand-the old, the other-winter is just dangerous.

Because of their behavior on the same coating made different. Moreover, you can not install so different tires and different axes car.

And even you can not set different winter tires. Very often, there is such a combination: on the drive axle-tires, for not leading-non-studded.

This is very dangerous because of the different coefficient of friction of the tires on the road. The most secure-when all four tires have the same grip.

And the same grip can only provide the same tires. Therefore, use four identical tires on all four wheels. Further, if we talk about himself tread, it has an effect on the movement of loose and wet coating.

For example, to resist aquaplaning in the rain is the most effective directed drawing "Christmas tree." And, say, an ordinary road omnidirectional pattern drains water from the tire contact with the road less effectively.

This means that on a wet surface two different tires can behave very differently, resulting in a loss of control of the car on which they are installed. So again, all four wheels must be "shod" in the same tires with the same tread pattern.

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