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2009 ssc ultimate aero

2015-12-28 08:03:54

2009 ssc ultimate aero
The maximum speed of the previous model 2006 SSC Ultimate Aero TT 412 km/h. Until now not beaten!
Price 1000000 $ 770,000 & euro;
33 million. Rubles
The maximum speed of 412 km/h
256 mph
Acceleration to 100 km/h 2.8 seconds
Engine power 1 287 liters. a.
946 kW, 1508 N/m at 6150 rev/min.
Specific power 1032 liters. a./m
0.97 kg of 1 liter. a.
The amount and type of engine 6345 cc
6.3 liter V8
Vehicle weight 1247 kg
Drive RWD Power 203 liters per liter. p. 2009 ssc ultimate aero

2009 ssc ultimate aero

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