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Category VAZ 2112  

I control unit exterior mirrors, electric: trosteklopodemnikami and heated front seats, see. Fig. 1-9 is completed with part of its vehicles. Warning lights in orange when transferring lever 2 to the right position "K or left position "! . In the extreme positions of the lever is placed under the voltage electric left or right outside mirror.

CONTROLS ventilation and heating SALON 2110
The car can be equipped with heating or air conditioning system. In both cases, the controller 12 in Fig. 1-10 automatically maintains the set temperature of the air in the cabin. For a comfortable microclimate handle 18 setpoint temperature on a scale of 19, set the desired temperature and fan control knob 17 on a scale of 16-the amount of air. Recommended handle positions in the heating mode-"22" and "A". In the "A" increased fan speed during heating the cabin is automatically reduced when the desired temperature.

Dismantling and assembling cylinder head 2110
Disassembly. If you need to replace only a single piece, it is possible to completely disassemble the cylinder head and take only what you need to replace. Place the cylinder head on the stand, disconnect the hose from the intake of warm air, unscrew the nuts and remove the carburetor prostane Coy, carburetor heat insulating screen, and then the inlet pipe and the exhaust manifold is removed at the same time intake of warm air.

Sensors 2112
Coolant temperature is a thermistor, a resistor whose resistance varies with temperature. Sensor wrapped in a coolant outlet on the cylinder head. At low temperatures The sensor has a high resistance to 100 ohms at-40 ° C, and at a high temperature-low 177 ohms at 100 ° C. The temperature of the coolant controller calculates the voltage drop on the sensor. The voltage drop on the high and low cold engine is warm.

WATCH 2110
On cars the basic configuration set quartz watch 6. to set the new time, pull the handle 7 and rotate it clockwise. If the handle is located at Fig. 1-6. Hours: 1-the indicator light; 2-button zeroing the minutes; 3-button set the minute; 4-button set the hour; 5-a window of photoresist; 6-quartz watches; 7-Handle supply of arrows The field of the dial, the arrow keys to set the lever press. On the set of the produc

Car Storage 2110
In operation pay more attention to the conditions of keeping the car as with an annual mileage of 15 thousand. Km car in motion is about an hour a day. The optimal conditions for keeping the car meet: - the canopy, where the temperature and humidity of the environment is, there is a constant movement of air and there is no direct impact of solar radiation and precipitation; - individual garage heated room with a temperature not lower than 5 ° C and a relative humidity of 50-70%, equipped with forced-you-tyazhnoy ventilation.

Checking the technical condition of parts 2110
Cleaning. Before inspecting, clean the parts gearbox. Brush or scraper to remove all debris and clean the holes and slots from possible contamination, rinse and then Blow a jet of compressed air. Especially good blow bearings, directing a jet of compressed air, so that there was no rapid rotation of the rings. The surfaces of the connector housing gearbox, clutch and clean the back cover of the hermetic rests Clean the magnetic particles from the wear and tear and check the magnetic properties.

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