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Well, dear readers, we`ll finally move on to discuss the emergency. This section consists of two parts, and you`ve probably guessed, about each of them. The first part is devoted to the analysis of accidents that occurred because the driver lost control of the vehicle. From it you will learn about the many nuances of a competent machine control, competent "piloting" in the parlance of professional racers.

External lighting devices
Do not operate the established mode or are contaminated with exterior lights and reflectors n. Annex 3.3. Serviceability of lighting fixtures and lamps affect traffic safety more than many people think. For many drivers obvious connection with security only at night-when in the dark without lights can not see the road. But, as usual, thought "about how cool.

Getting Traffic
Starting up in a limited review at the rear. Situation Fig. 30. 1 car parked in front of large vehicles, starts to move from the right lane Fig. 1. For the driver in this situation very limited review behind the bus, which created not viewed "dead zone." The driver wanted to miss walking down the road the car, looking in the rearview mirror. Do not see the other car, he began to rebuild the second series of Fig. 2 . 2 The machine moved to the second line with great speed, and the driver noticed a black car 2 1 rather late fig.

Among the psychological reasons of inadequate behavior of the driver, resulting in an accident, I would single out four main causes: • aggressive state of the driver; • self-confidence; • haste, vanity; • external distractions. And, with you our tradition, now we consider them more in detail.

The refusal of brake system
This situation is rare, as modern cars are equipped with dual-circuit braking system, under which almost ruled out a complete rejection. But if it does happen, then serious consequences are very likely. In such a situation can get old cars to break the brake hose defect in the wheel brake cylinder, and in the case of a low brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir, if the driver did not check before the trip and did not correct it. Usually, failure of the braking system causes stress their surprise and intense feelings.

Cornering maneuvers
Reset gas in turn. Situation Fig. 24 .Legkovoy car moving along a country road at a speed of 90 km/h Fig. 1. Front while moving the driver saw a slight curvature of the road and decided to pass it without sacrificing speed Fig. 2. However, after steering the driver realized that entered a turn too quickly, he decided to play it safe and I took his foot with the gas pedal to move it to the brake Fig. 3. However, the driver did not slow down in time-as soon as he threw the gas, the car skidded Fig.

Planting the driver
Losing control of the vehicle due to improper grip the steering wheel. Situation Fig. 14. The driver of a passenger car moving along a country road Fig. 1. As the traffic situation for a long time was quite calm, the driver felt rasslablennnym and drove, keeping the wheel with two fingers of one hand Fig. 2. Passing a bend of the road, it also taxied one hand.

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