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2017-12-24 16:38:22

I control unit exterior mirrors, electric: trosteklopodemnikami and heated front seats, see. Fig. 1-9 is completed with part of its vehicles.

Warning lights in orange when transferring lever 2 to the right position "K or left position "! .

In the extreme positions of the lever is placed under the voltage electric left or right outside mirror.

By pressing the button in eg I Board arrows to adjust the exterior mirrors I in a convenient position for you.

Press the upper or lower arm keys

Fig. 1-9. Control units: 1 position indicator lever; 2 lever choice; Z-control key actuated mirrors; 4 window switch right front door; 5-window switch left of the front door; 6-window switch right rear door; 7-window switch left rear door; 8 alarms heated front seats; 9-switch of heating of the right front seat; 10 Switch the left front seat heating

You can lower or raise the glass to the desired value. In the middle position the electric window button is off. The key is illuminated when the exterior lighting is enabled.

Signaling heated front seats lights up in orange when the heating of the front seats.

The seat heating vklyuchaetsyach pressing the upper arm keys. Termore1ulyaTor In the automatic mode keeps the temperature of the heating elements of the backrest and seat cushion in the range of 25-31 ° C. By pressing the keys or the lower arm when the ignition is switched off heating.

The key is illuminated when the exterior lighting is enabled.

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